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Turbo Repair

Need a Diesel Turbo Repair Shop? We’ve Got You Covered!

Get Your Turbochargers Repaired at Our Diesel Turbo Repair Shop

Many diesel vehicles use a turbocharger to maximize the engine’s power and corresponding speed. Like many parts, however, this component can wear out, break down or otherwise need repair. If you drive a diesel, you should know what the turbocharger does and, more importantly, what the signs that you need to head to a diesel turbo repair shop are. 

How a Diesel Turbocharger Works 

A diesel engine generates power by combusting diesel fuel with oxygen and an increase in these two elements will result in an increase in power.

In a diesel engine, a turbocharger forces more air into the engine so that horsepower can be increased without making the engine larger. Once a turbo adds air to an engine’s combustion chambers, the engine automatically also adjusts by supplying more fuel.

 To force air into the combustion chamber, a turbocharger uses the exhaust gases that naturally escape the engine to power a turbine wheel. In turn, this turbine wheel powers a compressor wheel – which forces additional air into the chambers.

When compressing air with exhaust gas, the system must compensate for the high temperatures that the compressed air will reach. A turbocharger does this by passing the compressed air through an air cooler, which is commonly called an intercooler. Of course, the intercooler is especially important when driving on hot summer Nevada days.

All of this results in more power and better performance from the engine, without changing out the engine itself.

Signs You Need a Diesel Turbo Repair Shop 

While most compressors are well-made and designed to last a long time, this part can wear out or break down. After all, it works extremely hard – a diesel turbo can spin up to 30,000 rpm regularly. It’s not surprising that many turbos eventually need service at a diesel turbo repair shop in light of that performance.

Some of the factors that can cause a diesel turbocharger to fail include:

  • Carbon buildup in the turbocharger
  • Bearing failure in one of the wheels
  • Inadequate lubrication of the moving components
  • Debris that collects in the system

If your turbocharger does fail, you’ll likely know you need to take the vehicle to a diesel turbo repair shop. You’ll probably notice one or more of the following signs that the turbo’s gone bad: 

  • Burnt oil odor
  • Loss of power or engine performance
  • Whining noise that’s louder at faster speeds
  • Excessive exhaust smoke 

Diesel Turbo Repair Shop in Las Vegas

If you need to take a vehicle to a diesel turbo repair shop in Las Vegas, bring your car, truck, van, or RV to J&S Diesel. A diesel-only service center, our technicians are extremely familiar with diesel turbochargers. They’ll be able to accurately diagnose whatever issue yours is having, and they can make the appropriate repair quickly. We’ll have you back on the road soon and with full, turbocharged power. Call 702-736-8526 to schedule your repairs today.