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We are currently OPEN during normal business hours for any diesel service or repairs and are ready to assist you. Please do not hesitate to call us today at 702-736-8526 to discuss your vehicle’s service or repair needs.

RV Repair

Essential Diesel RV Repair Services in Las Vegas

Get Reliable Diesel RV Repair Services at J&S Diesel

At J&S Diesel, we’re a team of technicians who are experts on all things diesel. We’re knowledgeable and experienced in working with a wide variety of diesel vehicles, including RVs. From basic oil changes to major drivetrain problems, we’re a comprehensive diesel RV repair facility that’s conveniently located in Las Vegas.

Routine Maintenance for Diesel RVs

We offer all of the routine maintenance that your diesel RV will need. We regularly perform preventative services on manufacturer-recommended schedules, and our technicians regularly check for any other issues that might arise. One of the most important preventative maintenance services we provide is the standard oil change. While routine, this is essential and should be done regularly. Most drivers have it performed every 5,000 miles or 300 driving hours, and our technicians can help you decide when it’s time for the service. We also usually recommend a synthetic-grade oil that offers superior protection because RVs are sometimes driven through demanding conditions (e.g. across the Rockies on a road trip).

Some of the other routine services we offer include:

  • Air filter changes
  • Fuel filter cleanings
  • Cooling system checks
  • Coolant changes
  • Brake replacements
  • Fuel injector cleanings 

Major Diesel RV Repair 

As a specialized diesel RV repair center, we also perform all manner of diesel system repairs. Most anything in the engine, transmission, drivetrain, steering system, or other mechanical system of a diesel RV is something we fix – and no job is too large or complex for our highly trained technicians. 

Some of the diesel RV repairs that we commonly perform are:

  • Engine rebuilds and replacements
  • Transmission rebuilds and replacements
  • Fuel system replacements and repairs
  • Turbocharger repairs
  • Exhaust system repairs
  • Steering and suspension repairs

Tune-ups and Emergency Diesel RV Repairs

For a regular tune-up or an emergency diesel RV repair, bring your rig to J&S Diesel. We can help Las Vegas residents get ready before heading out on a road trip with a full mechanical tune-up, and we also frequently help out-of-towners with needed repairs. No matter what service or repair your RV requires, we’ll have it once again ready for the open road as quickly as possible. Contact us today at 702-736-8526 to schedule service.