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Preventative Maintenance

Quality Las Vegas Diesel Truck Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance encompasses a range of services that help extend the life of a vehicle, and they’re absolutely necessary if you drive something with a diesel engine. The Las Vegas climate can be especially tough on diesels, but the following Las Vegas diesel truck preventative maintenance services will help keep your diesel truck running well for a very long time.

On-schedule Oil Changes

If there’s one thing you do for your diesel truck, it should be to get the oil changed on schedule every time the service needs to be done. An oil change should include a full exchange of the engine oil as well as a replacement of the oil filter. 

Exactly how often the service should be done depends on your specific diesel truck’s recommendation, how much you drive and where in Las Vegas you go – driving on rugged terrain requires more frequent oil changes than highway driving does. Whenever your diesel technician recommends an oil change done, though, you should have the service completed promptly.

Multi-point Vehicle Inspections

Usually performed during an oil change, a multi-point vehicle inspection gives a knowledgeable technician with an opportunity to check many of the different parts that keep your diesel vehicle running. While you should always seek an assessment if you hear a strange noise or feel a vibration, regular multi-point inspections will catch many issues before they become problems on the road.

Tire Pressure & Tread Checks

Tire checks are perhaps the easiest aspect of vehicle maintenance, and they’re often overlooked as a result. Regular tire checks are essential to keeping your vehicle driving smoothly and you in full control when behind the steering wheel. Both the tire pressure of every tire (including the spare) and the tread level should be assessed. On most vehicles, tires should also be rotated regularly to ensure even wear.

Checking the tires is especially important when driving in warm climates like Las Vegas. The hot temperatures of the desert roadways can wreak havoc on tires over time, and the many diesel trucks that go off-roading are especially susceptible to damage from rocks and other hazards. Regularly checking is a simple way to ensure the four points where your truck meets the roadway or ground are fully intact. 

Transmission Fluid Changes

To maximize the life span of the transmission, have the transmission fluid changed regularly and on-schedule. Skipping this service won’t cause immediate damage, but it’ll lead to a build-up of sediment that can get lodged in the transmission and eventually destroy it.

Get Las Vegas Diesel Truck Preventative Maintenance 

To get your Las Vegas diesel truck preventative maintenance at J&S Diesel. A diesel-only shop, our technicians are highly trained on vehicles like yours and will know exactly what your truck needs. Contact us today at 702-736-8526.