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We are currently OPEN during normal business hours for any diesel service or repairs and are ready to assist you. Please do not hesitate to call us today at 702-736-8526 to discuss your vehicle’s service or repair needs.

Fuel Injection

Get the Best Diesel Fuel Injection Service in Las Vegas at J&S Diesel

A diesel engine depends on its injectors to provide a consistent pulse of fuel into each cylinder. If the injectors are old, worn, clogged, or full of carbon, the spray pattern may be weak, inconsistent or non-existent. This can lead to reduced power and performance, rough idling and excessive smoke, among other problems.

When you want to restore the power and performance of your diesel engine, turn to our experts at J&S Diesel. We offer fuel injection system diagnosis, diesel fuel injection service, and in-house fuel injector rebuilds. Our company has been a leading supplier of diesel engine parts in the Las Vegas area for over 35 years, and our ASE-certified technicians are here to help make your diesel truck more reliable, powerful and enjoyable to drive.

Causes of Diesel Fuel Injector Problems

The majority of fuel injector problems are caused by contaminants in the fuel system. Bits of dirt, rust, plastic, and organic debris can find their way to the fuel injector nozzles, causing partial clogs that produce an ineffective spray pattern or a severe clog that starves the engine of fuel. Water in the fuel can also cause problems, as can worn fuel injector springs, seals or nozzles. At J&S Diesel, our technicians can use advanced fuel system diagnostics to determine the cause of your injectors’ performance problems and the most cost-effective, reliable solutions.

Our Diesel Fuel Injection Service in Las Vegas 

Malfunctioning fuel injectors can rob power from your engine and lead to expensive repair costs in the future. When you need quality service and repairs for your diesel fuel injection system, choose our experts at J&S Diesel. We offer fast diagnosis and repairs for all types of fuel system problems, and we offer in-house diesel fuel injector rebuilds to return your engine to like-new performance at a fraction of the cost for replacement OEM injectors. We service a wide range of diesel pickup trucks, vans, medium-duty trucks, semis, RVs, diesel cars, and more. 

Give your diesel engine the best treatment possible with quality diesel parts, repairs and service from J&S Diesel. We are here to help with all your diesel fuel injection service and performance needs, and we are committed to quality workmanship. Call 702-736-8526 or contact us online to schedule a service appointment with our ASE-certified technicians in Las Vegas today!