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We are currently OPEN during normal business hours for any diesel service or repairs and are ready to assist you. Please do not hesitate to call us today at 702-736-8526 to discuss your vehicle’s service or repair needs.

Common Repairs

Common Diesel Repair Issues to Take Care of in Las Vegas

Diesel engines are built to work hard, but even the hardest-working engines need a tune-up after a while. If you live in Southern Nevada and own a diesel truck or van, make sure you take good care of it by getting these common Las Vegas diesel repair issues taken care at J&S Diesel:

Replace the Engine Oil

Oil is the lubricant that keeps a diesel engine running smoothly, and no one maintenance item is more important than regularly changing the oil. Old oil that’s overused results in excess wear on the engine’s components, and it can lead to catastrophic overheating. A diesel technician can recommend an oil change interval for your specific engine, as different engines have different change intervals. Whatever your engine’s oil change interval is, be sure to follow it closely.

Replace or Clean the Fuel Filters

Diesel fuel can contain contaminants, namely wax and water. Those contaminants are caught by your vehicle’s fuel filter before they reach the engine and cause serious damage, and the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced when too many contaminants accumulate in it. Your vehicle may have a primary and a secondary fuel filter, and each may need to be cleaned or replaced. Whether cleaning or replacing is in order depends on the recommendations of your vehicle manufacturer, which is something a diesel technician can check for you.

Clean the Fuel System

Other parts of the fuel system also have to be cleaned, as carbon can build up even where contaminants can’t reach. Specifically, your vehicle’s injector nozzles, pistons and pump may need to be cleaned out occasionally. This service is needed more often if you drive in stop-and-go traffic, but even highway driving will eventually cause substantial carbon buildup that should be cleaned. 

Check the Brake System

Few parts of any vehicle are more critical than the brakes, and the brakes on diesel vehicles withstand an especially significant amount of force. While these brakes are made to hold up to the weight of a diesel vehicle and its load, brakes eventually need certain parts replaced and can have other critical failures. To make sure your brakes are always performing properly, they should be regularly checked by a diesel technician and serviced as the technician advises.

Bring Your Vehicle into Diesel Repair Center in Las Vegas

Diesel vehicles are more complex than others and should always be serviced by a professional. Only a qualified technician will know how to take the best care of your vehicle. If you need a diesel repair in Las Vegas, schedule service at J&S Diesel by contacting us at 702-736-8526