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Why Upgrade to a Bulletproof EGR Cooler for Your Diesel Engine?

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Federal law requires diesel vehicles to have an EGR cooler in place, and drivers must replace this unit if the one in their vehicle fails. Should you need to replace this part, upgrading to a Bulletproof EGR cooler could keep you from having to install a new one down the road.

EGR Coolers Perform an Important Environmental Function

EGR coolers don’t necessarily have a large impact on engine performance or vehicle function, but they’re required because they perform a vital environmental purpose. As exhaust gases pass through the EGR cooler, they’re cooled before the gases leave the tailpipe and get into the atmosphere. Once cooled, exhaust gases are less volatile and less likely to form oxygen nitrides (NOx molecules), one of the main chemicals in acid rain. While replacing a failed or failing EGR cooler might seem like a hassle, having a functioning one is necessary for both legal and environmental reasons.

Bulletproof EGR Coolers Are Built to Last

Even though EGR coolers don’t have a significant impact on performance, it’s still important to select a high-quality replacement part when you need one. An inferior part will be more likely to break down in the future, forcing you to replace it once again. A high-quality EGR cooler, in contrast, may last for the life of your vehicle.

Of all the EGR cooler options available. Bulletproof EGR coolers are some of the most well-made and durable units. Bulletproof includes three specific elements that set these apart from the competition:

  1. Bulletproof EGR coolers are made from all stainless-steel components. This ensures every part is constructed from one of the most durable materials.
  2. These EGR coolers are uniquely designed to have perfect geometry. The design helps ensure that the entire EGR cooler expands and contracts at a uniform rate as operating temperatures change, so there’s no unexpected variance between components.
  3. Every aspect on the EGR cooler is expertly welded by Bulletproof to make sure that potential weak points are reinforced.

Find a Bulletproof EGR Cooler for Your Diesel Vehicle

If you need a new EGR cooler for your diesel vehicle, contact us at 702-736-8526 to find a Bulletproof EGR cooler. We stock Bulletproof coolers for nearly all years, makes and models, and our knowledgeable diesel technicians can help you select and install the right one.