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The Difference Between an OEM and Aftermarket Diesel Fuel Injector

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The fuel injector on a diesel vehicle carefully delivers the proper amount of diesel fuel into the engine for optimal performance. This involves a careful calculation that takes into account quantity, timing, atomization, and other parameters that you don’t want a low-quality fuel injector performing. An inferior part will, at best, lead to reduced performance and, at worst, render your vehicle undrivable.

If your diesel fuel injector has failed, either an OEM or aftermarket replacement may provide the high-quality performance your vehicle needs. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, however.

OEM Fuel Injectors Provide Reliability at a Premium

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An original equipment manufacturer fuel injector, like any OEM part, is identical to whatever fuel injector originally came in your vehicle. The part isn’t only compatible with the vehicle, but it’s comprised of the same components as the original one and assembled by the same company. The part is guaranteed to function just as well and has been through all the same testing as the original one. Your vehicle manufacturer fully stands behind this fuel injector and will support it with their OEM part warranty.

The quality assurance that an OEM injector provides comes with a premium, however. Because these parts are only available from officially approved manufacturers and must be approved by your vehicle manufacturer, they tend to be the most expensive option. In many cases, they cost a lot more than an aftermarket option.

Aftermarket Fuel Injectors Provide Reliability and Affordability

An aftermarket fuel injector may be manufactured by any company that makes a compatible part for your vehicle, and these are often much more affordable as a result. The competition of multiple companies manufacturing the same part causes prices to be reduced.

Quality assurance, however, isn’t always the same with an aftermarket part. Whereas your original vehicle manufacturer dictates what company can make an OEM fuel injector and what specifications that injector must meet, the quality of an aftermarket part is left entirely up to the company that makes it.

The lack of uniform control introduces some obvious issues, for not every aftermarket parts manufacturer has the same standards. Some companies build aftermarket parts that meet all OEM standards (or even exceed standards), but other companies may cut corners and create inferior parts.

Finding an Aftermarket Diesel Fuel Injector from a Quality Manufacturer

The best solution is often to find an aftermarket fuel injector that’s made well, as this affords the best combination of quality and affordability. Thankfully, it’s easy to identify such a part. A high-quality aftermarket fuel injector will:

  • Meet or exceed all OEM requirements
  • Be built by a known brand in the aftermarket parts sector
  • Come with a warranty

There are many aftermarket injectors that meet these criteria and will perform well in your vehicle for a long time. For help finding the right one for your model, contact J&S Diesel. We carry a large array of diesel fuel injectors, and we stand behind each one.