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The Benefits of Using Holset Diesel Turbochargers

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A high-quality turbocharger has the ability to improve your diesel engine’s performance in multiple ways, and Holset diesel turbochargers are some of the best in the industry. If your vehicle doesn’t yet have a turbo or needs a new one, here’s what a Holset can do for you:

The Right Turbocharger Boosts Performance in Multiple Ways

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All turbochargers work on the same basic principle, recycling exhaust back through the engine so that un-combusted gas can be burned off. This helps your vehicle extract power from every drop of fuel, and it has several benefits. With a turbocharger, your vehicle will see:

  • Increased engine power, as more fuel is combusted
  • Higher fuel economy, as previously unused gas is burned
  • Longer engine life, as the engine runs more efficiently

The Best Diesel Turbocharger Is a Well-built Turbo

Not just any diesel turbocharger will do. In order to see the biggest improvement in performance and have the lowest long-term cost, you need a high-quality unit. While an inferior turbocharger might save you a few dollars up front, it won’t be as durable and reliable as a well-made one. In the end, the inferior unit will likely wear out quicker and have to be replaced than a solid one does.

Holset Diesel Turbochargers Are Extremely Well-made

When looking for a high-quality diesel turbocharger, the best ones will be made by a well-known brand – and there are few brands that carry the reputation that Holset does. Holset diesel turbochargers are known for their excellent performance and long life span, and there are several specific reasons why.

In a comparison between Holset diesel turbochargers and generic ones, the Holset units had a:

  • Higher nickel content in the turbine wheel, which increased tensile strength and improved performance in extreme temperatures
  • Higher carbon content in the bearing housing, which increased tensile strength and could reduce oil leakage
  • Premium metal alloy in the journal bearings, which reduced the wear of these bearings
  • New and current circuit board, which ensured high-level performance and reduced the risk of electrical failure
  • Lower tolerance, which minimized wear and increased long-term durability

Find a Holset Diesel Turbocharger for Your Vehicle

To find a Holset diesel turbocharger for your vehicle, contact us at 702-736-8526. Holset makes a wide range of these turbos, and our technicians can help you select and install the right one for your year, make and model.