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Should You Replace All Your Diesel Fuel Injectors at the Same Time?

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Diesel fuel injectors wear out over time and eventually need to be replaced, preferably before they cause misfires or other issues. While it may seem economical to replace only a single fuel injector when one fails, replacing all of your engine’s diesel fuel injectors at once is usually the wiser choice. There are three reasons why.

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3 Reasons to Replace Your Diesel Fuel Injectors Altogether

  1. Other Diesel Fuel Injectors Will Likely Fail
    First, other injectors in your diesel engine are likely close to failure if one has already gone. The longevity of injectors tends to be fairly comparable, so it’s common to see several fail in quick succession. This is especially true if all of your engine’s current injectors were installed at the same time.
  2. It Can Reduce Parts Costs
    Second, garages might be able to reduce overall parts costs if all of an engine’s injectors are replaced simultaneously. While not always available, there are times when shipping multiple parts together or ordering in bulk helps a driver get a discount. Ordering more parts at once will increase the immediate cost of repair, but the overall cost can end up being less than if each injector was ordered individually as needed.
  3. It Will Save on Labor Costs
    Replacing all of your engine’s diesel fuel injectors together will reduce labor costs. It takes a skilled technician only slightly longer to replace a full set of injectors than it does to put in a single new one, and the total time will be less than how long replacing even a few injectors at different times would be. The labor saved by replacing all injectors at once is often substantial, and this alone can justify doing a full set rather than just one.

Get Your Engine’s Injectors Replaced

To find out if your diesel fuel injectors need to be replaced, bring your vehicle to J&S Diesel. Our experienced technicians can assess the vehicle’s current injectors and tell you when they need to be replaced, and a full set of new injectors can be installed on-site if it’s time for the service. Contact us today at 702-736-8526 to schedule maintenance.