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Quality Light-Duty Replacement Parts for Common Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Applications

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The Ford 6.7L Power Stroke offers great performance, power and fuel economy, but as with any engines, there are a few weak spots - namely, ceramic bearing failures that can destroy the OEM turbocharger, a high-pressure fuel pump failure that can destroy the fuel system, and the occasional head gasket failure. At J&S Diesel, we have many of the parts you need to tackle these common issues, with quality that meets or exceeds the OEM parts while providing significant savings over dealership costs.

Turbocharger Replacement

Whether you are installing a new OEM-style Garrett 851824-5001s or 854572-5001s turbocharger with upgraded steel bearings, or you are replacing it with a better model from a company like Borg-Warner, we have the kit you will need to install it – the Alliant Power AP0156 Turbo Installation Kit.

J&S Diesel Has the Replacement Part You Need for Your Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Engine

Fuel System Repairs

Fuel contamination with water, DPF fluid or other substances can cause a catastrophic failure of the high-pressure fuel pump, which will contaminate the fuel system with metal shavings and debris. When this happens, everything from the fuel pump to the injectors, fuel rails and glow plugs must be replaced. We stock many of the necessary components, including:

  • Fuel Injectors

0986435415 (BC3Z9H529A) Ford 6.7L Remanufactured Injector

0986435433 (FC3Z9H529A) Ford 6.7L Remanufactured Injector

0986435415 (BC3Z9H529A) Ford 6.7L Remanufactured Injector

0986435433 (FC3Z9H529A) Ford 6.7L Remanufactured Injector

  • Fuel Rails

0445218015 (BC3Z9D280A) Ford 6.7L Right Hand Fuel Rail

0445218017 (BC3Z9D280B) Ford 6.7L Left Hand Fuel Rail

  • Diesel Particulate Filter Sensor Fitting


  • High Pressure Fuel Pump

0986437422 (FORD BC3Z9A543A) Remanufactured High Pressure Fuel Pump

  • Glow Plug

0250603010 (FORD BC3Z12A342B) Glow Plug

  • Fuel Injector O-Ring Kit

F00E200296 Injector O-Ring Kit

  • Fuel Pressure Sensor

0281006064 (FORD BC3Q-9F838-AA) Fuel Pressure Sensor

Head Gasket Replacement

If your engine has overheated enough to damage the head gaskets, due to faulty OEM radiators for instance, you may need to remove the heads and replace the gaskets. We carry the following Alliant Power head gasket kits to make the process a bit easier:

  • Head Gasket Kits

AP0152 Head Gasket Set

AP0163 (1841581C1) O-Ring

Call 702-736-8526 Today for Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Replacement Parts

When you need high-quality replacement parts for your Ford 6.7L Power Stoke engine, look no further than J&S Diesel. We carry thousands of Ford replacement parts at great prices, and our skilled technicians can perform the replacements, as well as check for any other issues in your diesel vehicle. Contact us today at 702-736-8526 to learn more about our inventory, place an order or schedule service.