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Potential Causes of Injector Balance Rate Issues and the Repair Process

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The foundation of a diesel engine’s performance is the combustion that occurs in its chambers, and that begins with the injection of fuel. Any injector balance rate issues will be detrimental to overall performance, making these essential to diagnose.

The Process of Diagnosing Injector Balance Rate Issues

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Generally speaking, injector rate balance issues are diagnosed using specialized diesel scanners that read onboard computers. Not all vehicles’ computers store the necessary codes, however, so the ability to identify specific injector issues varies from vehicle to vehicle.

Here are the diagnosing capabilities of some common vehicles that we see at J&S Diesel:

  • Dodge 5.9-liter and 6.7-liter engines don’t have a supported balance rate test, but we can conduct a percentage of cylinder contribution test.
  • Ford 6.0-liter and 6.4-liter engines allow for a modified balance test that can identify issues in the weakest cylinder, but should be performed after addressing each cylinder to ensure accuracy (the initial test can list the firing order of cylinders incorrectly).
  • Ford 7.3-liter models support a cylinder contribution test that’s helpful but susceptible to false diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Duramax 6.5-liter and 6.6-liter engines support a thorough injector balance test that shows many details on the amount of fuel injected, position, etc.
  • Sprinter’s early models don’t support a balance rate test, however, their late models support an injector quantity test that shows the amount of fuel injected.

Potential Causes of Failed Tests

Failing any of these tests may indicate a malfunctioning fuel injector, but there are other potential causes that should be ruled out before replacing the part. Other problems that can lead to failed injector balance rate tests include:

  • Problems with the low or high fuel supply pressures
  • Compression blow-by problems (common on 6.0- and 7.3-liter Power Stroke engines)
  • Cylinder injector problems
  • Valve clearance problems

A skilled diesel technician will be able to determine the most likely culprit based on the specific test, results and other information.

Have Your Diesel Vehicle’s Injectors Tested

For help diagnosing fuel injector balance rate issues, bring your vehicle to J&S Diesel. Our technicians will know the right tests to perform based on your vehicle’s engine and issues, and they’ll recommend the proper service to rectify those issues. Contact us at 702-736-8526 today to schedule your diagnostic.