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Keep Your Diesel Engine Cool This Summer with Routine Maintenance

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As the summer heat sets in, keeping your diesel engine cool is absolutely essential. Overheating can leave you stranded on the side of the road, necessitate emergency repairs and even result in extensive damage to the engine block. Thankfully, keeping your diesel in good working order is simple with routine maintenance.

Important Maintenance Tasks to Keep Your Diesel Engine Cool

Have the Oil Changed on Time

There’s a reason mechanics treat oil changes as the most essential component of any automotive maintenance. Oil is the lubricant that keeps engine parts – which move at extremely high frequencies – running smoothly. By lubricating engine parts, oil both prevents unnecessary wear and helps keep excess heat from building up. If an engine doesn’t have suitable oil, the friction between moving parts will generate heat that can leave lasting damage.

To make sure your engine has the lubrication it needs, always have oil changes completed on time. Motor oil slowly breaks down and eventually needs to be replaced. Should you go too long without an oil change, the oil in your engine might not be able to effectively keep friction from causing unnecessary heat.

Get Your Diesel Engine Ready for Summer at J&S Diesel

Give the Cooling System Some TLC

While your diesel’s motor oil passively helps prevent heat from building up, the coolant system is what actively cools the engine. This system consists of the water pump, antifreeze radiator and all connecting hoses, seals, etc. All of these items need to be periodically checked and repaired or replaced as needed.

The antifreeze in your system should be flushed periodically, according to the manufacturer’s or your mechanic’s recommendations. A flush removes the old antifreeze that has degraded over time and replaces it with fresh antifreeze. The process also helps remove any corrosion that collects in the system.

The water pump and all other components should be replaced at the recommended interval or when they’re showing signs of wear. You don’t want to wait until a part fails and causes your engine to overheat while on the road.

Additionally, you may want to periodically dust the radiator off. Removing dirt and debris that collect on it will ensure free airflow around the radiator and maintain a proper heat exchange.

Check the Battery’s Capacity

Although not directly related to cooling your engine, you should also have your vehicle’s battery checked. The summer heat can wreak havoc on vehicle batteries, and a dead battery can lead to multiple issues. It might leave you stranded in a parking lot, or it could leave you without sufficient power while driving. How your vehicle’s battery should be checked depends on its build. A mechanic will know whether to look at the water levels, test its output or use another method.

Get Your Diesel Engine Ready for Summer

To get your diesel vehicle ready for summer, bring it to J&S Diesel. Our mechanics know how to test your engine for any signs for wear or damage, and can perform the necessary repairs or replacements to ensure your vehicle is ready to take on the heat. Contact us today at 702-736-8526 to schedule a service appointment.