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How Buying a Diesel Vehicle Saves You Money

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Keep Your Diesel Vehicle Running Smoothly at J&S Diesel

Vehicles with diesel engines sometimes cost a little more than their gasoline-burning counterparts, but they usually more than make up the premium over time. There are four ways that buying and driving a diesel vehicle saves you money.

4 Ways a Diesel Vehicle Can Save You Money

1. Save on Total Fuel Costs

Diesel vehicles have lower total fuel costs than gasoline models. Although diesel fuel can sometimes cost more on a per-gallon basis than 87 octane, diesel fuel lasts longer. So, you won’t be filling it up as often. Ultimately, diesel usually runs about 20% more efficiently than gasoline models – and you can expect to save on fuel accordingly.

2. Save on Engine Maintenance

Diesel engines have lower long-term maintenance costs because they have fewer parts than gasoline ones do. Diesel engines still need regular oil changes, but you don’t need to worry about replacing spark plugs or adjusting distributors because these parts aren’t in the engine.

3. Keep Your Vehicle Longer

Because diesel engines tend to last longer than gasoline engines, you can keep your vehicle longer. When you don’t have to purchase a new vehicle as often, you save in multiple ways. You end up paying less in sales tax and car payments, losing less in depreciation and spending less of your time looking for new vehicles.

4. Recoup More During Trade-in

Once it is time to get a new vehicle, you can expect to recoup more of a diesel vehicle’s value. These engines generally don’t depreciate as fast as non-diesel ones. That means you’ll get more for your vehicle regardless of whether you trade it in or sell it. In many cases, the difference in depreciation is 30% or more.

Keep Your Diesel Vehicle Running Smoothly

If you have a diesel vehicle, make sure you keep it well-maintained so it lasts as long and retains as much value as possible. J&S Diesel is a specialized Las Vegas service center that only works on diesel models, and our technicians have the expertise necessary to identify exactly what your vehicle needs and keep it running well. Contact us at 702-736-8526 to schedule service today.