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Get More Power to Your Engine by Upgrading Your Diesel Injection Pumps

Posted by J&S on

There are multiple diesel engine upgrades and modifications that result in more horsepower and torque. One to consider if you’re looking to boost your diesel’s output is changing out the stock diesel injection pumps with higher-performing ones.

Upgrading the Injection Pumps Results in More Power

The diesel injection pumps deliver fuel to your engine and, in this role, directly impact the maximum energy the engine can generate. An engine can only combust the energy stored in the fuel, which is put into it, so pumps that control the flow of fuel likewise control the potential for power.

Most diesel engines come with stock injection pumps that are adequate for everyday driving, but don’t always realize the full potential of the engine they inject fuel into. By replacing stock injection pumps with ones that allow more fuel per combustion cycle and have better atomization, you can substantially improve performance.

Selecting the Right Injection Pumps Requires Consideration

Simply installing the largest diesel injection pumps, however, won’t necessary provide the performance boost you’re looking for. Not only do the pumps need to fit your diesel engine, but they also need to be calibrated to maximize the engine’s performance. Pumps that let too much fuel in will result in inefficiencies and can cause mechanical problems.

Moreover, the considerations that must be taken into account go beyond your vehicle’s year, make, model, and engine size. Any other aftermarket improvements that have been made, such as performance exhausts, turbochargers, air intakes, and other parts, also need to be considered. All of these impact airflow, which affects how much fuel can enter the engine.

Only once the right fuel injection pumps are installed will they deliver the boost that’s desired.

Get the Right Diesel Injection Pumps for Your Engine

If this is an upgrade you want to make, contact the technicians at J&S Diesel. They’ll be able to help you select the right diesel injection pumps from an array of OEM and high-performance aftermarket options, and they know how to account for other changes you may have already made. With our team’s help, you can get the injection pumps that are right for your engine and will make a big difference in your diesel’s power.