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Ford 6.7L Power Stroke F-Series Parts Built by Industry-leading Manufacturers

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At J&S Diesel, we carry a full range of components for the Ford 6.7L Power Stroke F-Series engine. From basic injectors to complete headsets, we have all the parts and expertise to keep your diesel engine running smoothly. Here are some of the most popular components customers ask about:

Complete Fuel Contamination Kits

We carry a full array of under-hood components for all Ford 6.7L Power Stroke fuel systems on model years 2011 through 2016. The complete fuel contamination kits come with every system component you might need, so there’s no worry about delaying a repair while you order an additional part. They also make it easy to replace the entire system with all-new components, thus, eliminating the risk of a worn part causing another failure soon after the repair. All of the fuel contamination kits we offer for these Power Stroke engines come with a 13-month/unlimited mileage warranty.

Turbochargers for the Full F-Series

We also have a full lineup of turbochargers for 2011 and later Ford F-Series 6.7L Power Stroke models. The F-250, F-350 and F-450 don’t all take the same turbocharger part, which is why we carry five different ones to make sure what you need is available when you order. All five of these turbochargers are built by Garrett Advancing Motion for quality you can trust! Garrett is the world’s leading manufacturer of OEM turbochargers, and the ones we offer are constructed to the same specifications as what was initially installed in your Ford F-Series engine.

Regarding build quality, each of the turbos features a ball bearing system with low friction that minimizes mechanical loss, while simultaneously improving responsiveness and increasing fuel economy. They feature a wastegate-on-VNT bypass valve, so high-power points can avoid the turbocharger, and all are made with a double-sided compressor wheel. This latter feature is the first of its kind to be found in any turbocharger.

When ordering any of the five turbochargers, be aware that they don’t come with install gaskets or a pedestal. Install gaskets can be ordered separately, and the pedestal can be safely reused.

Quality Diesel Pumps and Injectors

Fuel pumps, injectors, glow plugs, fuel rails, regulators, and sensors are all available at J&S Diesel, as are the injector seal kit and pump gasket needed. Like our turbochargers, these parts are also made by a well-known manufacturer that has an established reputation of dependability. Bosch makes components that perform in the most demanding conditions, and we’re proud to carry their diesel pumps and injectors.

Diesel Particulate Filters and Sensor Fittings

Our diesel particulate filters for Ford 6.7L Power Stroke engines are made by yet another established diesel parts manufacturer. Alliant Power has a range of components for diesel engines, and these DPFs show why so many mechanics and drivers rely on the company’s parts.

Alliant Power has gone beyond the basic OEM standards with their DPF offerings for these Ford models. Based on feedback and experience, AP realized the DPF pressure sensor fitting on certain models often broke when replacing the filters themselves. To address this issue, the company developed a new and improved sensor fitting for these particular models. We carry both the DPFs and sensor fittings that Alliant Power has developed.

Complete Head Set Kits

We know how challenging these repairs are without having to search for the right part. That’s why we’ve carefully selected complete kits that come with clearly labeled parts, making it easy for you to focus on the work and not waste time searching. Of course, our head set kits are built to the same quality as all of our other components. They’re made by Alliant Power, and meet or exceed all OEM requirements.

Your Place for Ford 6.7L Power Stroke F-Series Parts

If you’re not sure which replacement part you need for your Ford 6.7L Power Stroke F-Series engine, the experts at J&S Diesel can diagnose your vehicle to identify the faulty part, and can then perform the replacement, so you don’t have to. Contact us today at 702-736-8526 to schedule service or get more information about our parts.