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How to Tell if It's Time for an Engine Rebuild

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Smoke emanating from your truck’s hood and a sudden loss of power are sure signs that the engine has failed and likely needs to be rebuilt. This isn’t the only sign that an engine is in need of rebuilding, however. Here’s how to tell if it’s time for an engine rebuild without waiting for catastrophic failure that leaves you stranded on the road.

Indicators of Possible Imminent Engine Failure

Let the Experts at J&S Diesel Perform Your Engine Rebuild

Unfortunately, there’s not one definitive sign that shows it’s time for an engine rebuild. Engines themselves are complex systems, so there are several different signs that drivers and mechanics must watch for.

First, mileage is a factor that should be considered even if it’s not a sole indicator. Commercial diesel trucks that reach 750,000 to 800,000 miles should be closely watched for potential signs of trouble, and lighter duty diesel vehicles may need an overhaul sooner than that. Of course, load size and driving conditions also impact how many miles an engine can run.

Second, drivers should always be paying attention to their vehicles' engines. No one knows an engine better than the person who’s driving it every day, and any changes in fuel efficiency, power or overall performance could be related to an engine issue. Increased gas consumption, burning oil, engine noise, and exhaust smoke should also be investigated.

Third, having an oil analysis performed at each oil change interval provides a diachronic view of an engine’s state. Analysis will show the concentration levels of metals and other deposits that might be in the oil, and it also checks for antifreeze contamination. These checks are some of the most scientific indications of an engine’s condition and the best ways to assess whether a rebuild is in order.

For maximum effectiveness, an analysis should be done at each change interval so the levels of metal contamination can be tracked over time. Watching for trends and sudden changes in levels is often much more helpful than looking at levels at a single point in time.

Benefits of a Professionally Done Engine Rebuild

When an engine shows signs that it needs to be rebuilt, the work should be left to professionals who do this type of repair on a regular basis. Compared to other options, hiring experienced technicians has many benefits:

  • Drivers almost always save money compared to purchasing a new vehicle.
  • Drivers save time and energy by not doing the repair themselves.
  • Commercial drivers can get back on the road quicker.
  • Drivers can trust the diagnosis and recommended repair.
  • Drivers know the rebuild will be done correctly the first time.

Schedule Maintenance at J&S Diesel

With a repair this significant, you don’t want just anyone doing the work. If you’re concerned about the state of your vehicle’s engine, schedule maintenance with the knowledgeable technicians at J&S Diesel. Our team has performed many diesels rebuilds, and we’ll take good care of your vehicle’s engine whatever it needs. Contact us at 702-736-8526 for more information.