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Diesel Exhaust Smoke Colors and Their Meanings

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J&S Diesel Technicians Can Check Your Diesel Exhaust Smoke for Issues

The color of your diesel exhaust smoke can reveal a lot about the condition of the engine. If your smoke is an abnormal color, the issue shouldn’t be ignored. Here’s what some abnormal colors might mean:

Diesel Exhaust Smoke Colors You Shouldn’t Ignore

White Smoke: Little Fuel Burning

A white or other light-colored smoke indicates that your diesel vehicle is burning little or no fuel. In cold weather, this may simply mean the vehicle isn’t warmed up yet, in which case, the white color will disappear after a few minutes. When the weather isn’t cold, the issue may be caused by a leak in the coolant system that’s affecting engine temperature.

Blue Smoke: Oil Burning

Blue and blue-gray smoke is caused by burning oil. A little blue smoke immediately after a service appointment could simply be from some spilled oil, but any other time this can be a serious problem. Oil burns when it gets in the wrong part of the engine, which happens if critical seals, piston rings or valves fail. Whatever the cause, substantial blue smoke is a sure sign that your engine needs to be checked.

Black Smoke: Lots of Fuel Burning

Black smoke is often the result of over-burning fuel, and that normally stems from an issue with the fuel injectors. Their timing might be off, or they could be clogged. A diesel technician can diagnose exactly what’s going on with them.

Have Your Vehicle Checked

Anytime you see an abnormal smoke color emitting from your diesel vehicle’s exhaust, a knowledgeable technician should diagnose and repair the issue. Delaying maintenance can only worsen the problem. To have your diesel exhaust smoke checked, make an appointment with J&S Diesel by contacting us at 702-736-8526 today.