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3 Steps to Choosing the Right Replacement Diesel Engine

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How to Select the Right Replacement Diesel Engine for Your Vehicle

While rebuilding a failed diesel engine sometimes makes sense, replacing the engine may instead offer greater long-term reliability and value. You have to know how to find a good replacement diesel engine, though. If your vehicle needs a new engine, here’s how to find the best available replacement based on your needs and budget:

Step 1: Understand the Available Options

First, you must understand the various replacement engine options available. There are generally four options.

1. Used engines are taken from scrapped vehicles and installed without any inspection. They normally come with minimal warranty coverage, and the supplying scrapyard will frequently only cover parts costs – and not labor costs – if there is an issue during the short warranty period.

2. Rebuilt engines are used engines that have undergone an inspection and cleaning. Some worn parts may be replaced. These may or may not meet OEM standards, depending on the company that rebuilt the engine and whether the work was outsourced.

3. Remanufactured engines have been cleaned and inspected so they’re close to or within OEM specifications. Worn parts have been replaced, and core components have been tested. Most remanufacturers perform all work in-house, which affords more control over the quality of the replacement engine.

4. OEM engines are brand-new engines from the original equipment manufacturer. They’re just like the engine that was initially installed in the vehicle, but these can be much more expensive than the other options.

Step 2: Work with a Well-Known Diesel Repair Center

When sorting through these options and searching for a replacement diesel engine, work with a reputable diesel repair center.

Rebuilt or remanufactured engines tend to provide the best value. They offer reliability at an affordable price. Once you begin looking at specific rebuilt and remanufactured diesel engines, a knowledgeable technician’s expertise can help you:

  • Determine which engines are compatible with your vehicle
  • Discover which specs will deliver the power and performance you desire
  • Check whether an engine is rebuilt to OEM requirements or lower standards
  • Understand what each manufacturer’s reputation within the industry is
  • Choose an engine that should be able to last as long as the vehicle

A technician will also make sure whatever engine is chosen is properly installed.

Step 3: Explore Warranty Options

Finally, explore what warranty options are offered. You’ll want to know what warranty coverage comes standard with your selected diesel replacement engine, and you may also want to purchase extended warranty coverage. Even with an extended warranty, remanufactured engines often cost less than OEM ones.

Find a Replacement Diesel Engine with J&S Diesel

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