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3 of the Top Diesel Engine Upgrades and How They Benefit Your Vehicle

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Diesel engines today feature precise and advanced engineering, but they still run on the basic process of combustion. As air is mixed with fuel, the fuel burns to produce power that’s then translated to the vehicle. In many cases, increasing the air that flows through an engine will result in better combustion and more power. If you’re looking to maximize your diesel’s performance, there are 3 common diesel engine upgrades that will improve airflow.

Diesel Engine Upgrades to Improve Vehicle Function

Get the Right Diesel Engine Upgrades for Your Vehicle at J&S Diesel

  1. Exhaust: Improving Airflow on the Backend
    Exhausts don’t increase the air that goes into an engine, but a larger one will let more air escape from the backend. For this reason, an exhaust is an essential upgrade if you’re making another change that will increase the air entering. On their own, exhausts normally provide a slight boost to horsepower and torque.

    These are also common because they’re relatively easy to install. Most systems can simply be bolted onto the vehicle with basic hand tools, and no other changes are required. As an added benefit, an oversized exhaust also produces that deep, throaty grumble so many diesel drivers love.

  2. Turbocharger: Recycling Exhaust Gases
    Turbochargers are becoming increasingly common on non-diesel models because they improve both power and fuel efficiency. They can also be added to just about any diesel engine that doesn’t yet have one, and yield similar results.

    Turbos work by recycling exhaust gasses back through the engine. Not only does this increase airflow, but it also ensures any un-combusted fumes have a second chance to be burned. The dual effect can yield a big boost in power, which is measured in pounds per square inch that the turbocharger generates.

  3. Air Intake: Increasing Oxygen Flow All diesel engines already have an air intake, which controls the air that enters the engine. Standard, factory-installed intakes, however, often aren’t optimized for peak performance. They come with a sound baffle and a paper filter that gets clogged easily – especially with the desert dust – and both of these limit airflow through the engine. Additionally, most factory-installed units also draw air from directly behind the radiator where the air is hot. In contrast, a performance-oriented aftermarket air intake addresses all of these issues. Many don’t come with a sound baffle, which removes that obstacle to airflow altogether, and they have a synthetic filter that lets air pass through freely even when dust builds up. Finally, these units draw air from outside the engine housing, so colder, denser air enters. This results in more oxygen molecules in the chambers to increase combustion.

Take Your Diesel to the Next Level

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