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Get the Right Diesel Repair With Specialized Equipment and Highly Trained Technicians

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As technology has progressed, the diesel industry become more advanced, efficient and computerized. To accurately work on today’s modern trucks, diesel repair shops need highly technical equipment and specially trained technicians.

Computerized Systems Help Diagnose

Diesel shops need specialized equipment and technicians, not only because repairs frequently involve addressing issues in computerized systems, but also because the computerized systems onboard diesel trucks are themselves helpful when diagnosing problems.

When a problem develops, an onboard computer will often return a code that shows precisely where the issue is and what it is. For example, a computer might give ABS, BAS, ESP, HDS, SRS, or any number of other codes. Without the tools and skills necessary to interpret these messages, technicians are merely guessing at what to do.

The Right Repair, Affordably Done

Being a state-of-the-art diesel repair shop in Las Vegas, we at J&S Diesel have the equipment and technicians needed to properly interpret these codes and address the issues they indicate. We have the latest tools in diesel diagnostics, and our technicians have spent thousands of hours learning how to read the information our tools pull from trucks.

Unlike places that lack comparable equipment and training, we don’t guess. When a truck comes in with a problem, we accurately diagnose the issue and recommend the best course of action. We don’t waste time and parts performing work we hope will fix the issue. We identify, study and address the problem efficiently. When our diagnostic and repair capabilities are combined with our large inventory of direct-supply diesel parts, the result is a price and quality few shops can match.

Let J&S Diagnose Your Diesel

If your diesel has been experiencing an issue, don’t trust just anyone to diagnose the problem. Bring it to our shop and let our experts identify and fix it. Contact us at 702-736-8526 to schedule your maintenance today.

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