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Keep Your Cummins B Series Engine Running Smoothly with Quality Replacement Parts

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The Cummins B Series engines have been powering light- and medium-duty diesel models for decades, and they continue to be strong performers in today’s competitive market. Even with the series’ history and advancements, however, these engines are prone to a few common problems. Blown head gaskets due to high low-rpm power on larger 6.7-liters, injection pump failures on select model years and injector breakdowns on newer models are just a few of the issues that drivers may have to deal with.

At J&S Diesel, we carry a full line of parts for these and other issues that Cummins B Series engines have. All parts meet or exceed OEM standards, and many are available at well below OEM prices.

Turbocharger Replacement on Cummins 6.7-Liter Engines

Get Cummins B Series Replacement Parts at J&S Diesel

Since 1989, every Dodge model that features a Cummins engine has come with a turbocharger. While this provides a noticeable increase to power and fuel efficiency, it’s also one more part that can wear down. Should your turbo need to be replaced, our remanufactured Cummins 6.7-liter turbocharger (2835911R) is highly affordable and just as well-made as a new OEM part.

Fuel System Parts for Dodge Cummins Diesels

Fuel contamination caused by DPF, water or other substances frequently leads to catastrophic failures in high-pressure fuel pumps and can cause other problems. No matter where a problem develops in your 5.9-liter Dodge’s diesel system, we have the parts necessary to fix it.

Rear Disc Brakes from Bosch

In addition to the Cummins engine parts we have in stock, we also carry a range of brakes for the Dodge trucks and vans that feature these engines. In particular, we carry Bosch QuietCast disc brakes because of their known reliability and superior performance. When it’s time to replace your truck’s rear brakes, our Bosch QuietCast premium rear disc brake pads are an excellent choice.

Call J&S Diesel for Your Dodge Cummins Parts Needs

No matter what part you need for your Cummins engine or Dodge diesel model, J&S Diesel has you covered. We have a huge selection of parts in stock for quick fulfillment, and our technicians will make sure you get the parts your vehicle needs. Contact us today at 702-736-8526.

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