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Find a Diesel Fuel Injector Control Module in Las Vegas at J&S Diesel

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J&S Diesel Offers Diesel Fuel Injector Control Modules in Las Vegas

Whether you are taking your Ford truck out for a weekend drive or you are hauling tools and equipment between jobs, you depend on the power and performance of your Power Stroke engine. If your truck begins losing power or running abnormally or fails to start altogether, one possible culprit is the FICM or fuel injection control module. It is a common vulnerability on the Power Stroke 6.0L diesel, and the heat and sand of the desert area do little to improve its lifespan.

What to Know About Your Diesel Fuel Injector Control Module in Las Vegas

What Does the FICM Do?

The FICM is essentially a small computer that controls when the fuel injectors in your Ford truck fire, how long they stay open, and how much fuel they deliver with each pulse. The FICM uses data from sensors like the crankshaft position sensor, fuel pressure sensor and intake temperature sensor to monitor engine performance and adjust fuel injection timing in real-time. This allows it to achieve optimum performance and efficiency, giving your Ford truck the power that it needs for the toughest jobs.

What Causes of FICM Failures?

Because the FICM uses advanced electronics to control the fuel injection system, its primary enemies are heat and age. With its unfortunate location in the engine bay near the valve covers, it is prone to heat cycling, which can damage sensitive components like capacitors and cause solder joints to crack. With the additional heat, dust and sand of the Las Vegas environment, it will not be long before the FICM can no longer achieve a reliable, steady 48 volts output, leading to intermittent problems at first, then more substantial failures. When you need a replacement diesel fuel injector control module in Las Vegas, turn to our team at J&S Diesel. We feature quality remanufactured parts from Alliant Power, which are pre-programmed and ready to install.

Why Choose an Alliant Power FICM?

J&S Diesel is the only source for the Alliant Power diesel fuel injector control module in Las Vegas, and we are proud to offer such a cost-effective, high-quality replacement. Our Alliant Power FICMs are remanufactured parts that have been completely dissembled, inspected and serviced by experienced professionals. They are repaired using top-quality components, and they are fully tested on a vehicle simulator to ensure their performance meets or exceeds OEM specifications. Because the programming is specific to each vehicle, it is important that you carefully match the part number, make, model, and engine manufacturing date. This will help to prevent problems and possible engine damage.

We offer the Alliant Power FICM for the following Ford models:

  • 2005 to 2007 Ford 6.0L F-Series (engine build date 01/2005 to 12/2007)
  • 2005 Ford 6.0L Excursion (engine build date 01/2005 to 12/2005)
  • 2004 to 2009 Ford 6.0L E-Series (all engine build dates)

We carry the following Alliant Power FICMs:

To order your Alliant Power diesel fuel injector control module in Las Vegas today, contact J&S Diesel at 702-736-8526 or contact us online.

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