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When to Have Our Las Vegas Diesel Specialists Upgrade Your Truck's Exhaust

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There are so many aftermarket diesel truck upgrades that truck owners are sometimes unsure which modification they should start with. The answer is usually to begin with a high-flow exhaust installed by one of our Las Vegas diesel specialists. Right after purchasing a truck is a good time to have this upgrade done, and it should be done before any other power-increasing modifications are made.

Replacing the Exhaust After Purchase to Improve Performance

Consult the Las Vegas Diesel Specialists at J&S Before Replacing Your Exhaust

If you want to maximize your diesel truck’s performance as much as possible, replacing the stock diesel exhaust soon after purchasing the truck makes sense. Why should you wait for the upgrade? It’s an affordable modification, and you’ll see a substantial performance improvement as soon as the job is done. Most stock exhausts are made from small-diameter pipes, and there are frequently several sharp bends in those pipes. The little diameter restricts airflow, and any bends only further limit how much air can go through the exhaust.

Installing an upgraded exhaust that increases airflow lets more air enter your engine chamber where the diesel fuel is combusted – and generates more horsepower and torque. When selecting a new exhaust, look for one that has a larger exterior diameter (usually between 3.5 and 5 inches) and mandrel-bent pipes. This type of bending keeps the diameter of the pipes consistent, so airflow isn’t restricted at any point. In addition to the increased power, you’ll also get a better sound. In general, a larger pipe will provide the deep sound diesel trucks are known for and dual exhausts will create a throatier sound more akin to gasoline engines.

Replacing the Exhaust Before Making Other Performance-Enhancing Upgrades

If you’ve owned your truck for some time and are just starting to make upgrades, the exhaust is still the place to start. Without an upgraded high-flow exhaust, you won’t realize the full benefit of aftermarket computer chips, electronic programs or turbochargers. All of these other performance-enhancing upgrades modify the fuel-to-air ratio in your truck’s diesel engine to increase horsepower and torque. The result is more heat and exhaust generated in the combustion chamber, and stock exhausts typically aren’t designed to handle the increase in heat or exhaust gas.

A high-flow exhaust is needed to move the extra exhaust and to keep the engine running at an acceptable temperature. In some cases, the consequences of not installing a high-flow exhaust when making these other upgrades go beyond performance itself. If a stock exhaust isn’t able to keep the temperature low enough, the excess heat could lead to long-term reliability issues as it damages the exhaust and engine over time.

Talk With One of Our Las Vegas Diesel Specialists Today

When you’re ready to upgrade your truck’s exhaust, contact the Las Vegas diesel specialists at J&S Diesel at 702-736-8526. Our experienced team has helped thousands of diesel truck owners upgrade their trucks’ exhausts and is here to help you do the same.

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